The Island of Papa Westray or 'Papay'

Papay is a small island in the outer North Isles, adjacent to the larger island of Westray . The population of over 80 are employed in a varity of different occupations. In the summer months tourism is important to the island economy and visitors are able to stay in a variety of accommodation. With only one shop and post office the islanders are dependant on the twice weekly ferry throughout the year and during the summer months a daily ferry to Westray. The island is also well served by Loganair flights, with 3 flights daily on week days and 2 flights at week-ends during the summer. While in the winter there is 2 flights daily during the winter for 6 days and 1 on a Sunday.


There are numerous interesting sights on Papay such as: The Knap of Howar the earliest standing house in Northern Europe, St Boniface Kirk one of the oldest Christian sites in the North of Scotland, St Tredwell's Chapel is on a small peninsula with traces of iron age fortification and walls of a medieval chapel- a place of pilgrimage as late as the 18 th century, The North Hill nature reserve with an abundance of flora and fauna including the “Primula Scotica”.

This puffin is on the cliffs at Fowl Craig on the North Hill nature reserve.


A view from Papay over to Aikerness Holm.

Primula Scotica is a very rare flower.  The North Hill on Papay has got the biggest population of them in the world.


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